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To be prototypically correct, the middle axle of the rear truck should be an idler (unpowered); however, in the spirit of maximum traction and reliability, our model has all-wheel drive and all-wheel electrical pickup. Even though the first group of 30 had marginally fuctional pantographs, those on our model are plastic and are for aesthetic purposes only. Our third rail pickup shoes are also just for looks; unlike the real ones which were insulated by a piece of lumber, ours are simply molded in durable plastic.

The models are era-specifically detailed and painted in accordance with prototype photos from the respective period. The models are painted as they would have left LaGrange, Illinois; they are not pre-weathered. Therein continues a long running debate among aficionados, whether EMD used 2-distinctly different reds on the 1957 and 1960 lots, respectively. Empirical data, such as photos, are not reliable indicators due to aging, weather, and lighting conditions of the subject, and the subsequent conditions, processing, and storage of the film and photographs.

Clearly the New Haven used multiple colors and brands of paint at their Lamberton Street paint shops, and they specified the colors to their equipment suppliers, as applicable. According to New Haven's records, they specified #406 orange red for the first lot of FL9s. Along the way, Lamberton switched to #409 red orange, but there appears to be no record of such a change being received by EMD. In any event, EMD's records, corroborated by independent information from DuPont--consistent with the delivery of the 1957 and 1960 production lots--clearly indicate that all (60) FL9 locomotives were painted with the same brand and color specification DuPont Duco No. 254-90076, EMD No. 8232095.

Consequently, we decided that all of our models will be painted the documented color, for which we deferred to paint specification #406, orange red. The basis for the match is the color card provided in the NEW HAVEN COLOR GUIDE, published by The New Haven Railroad Historical & Technical Association, Inc. Because colors and application can vary slightly, some minor variation in hue and saturation over time may be apparent to modlers with acute color perception.


1-piece ABS body with separately applied plastic and metal details

Scale 36" back-to-back close-coupling on 24" or greater radii curves and #6 turnouts

Operating diaphragms (2000 to 2029, as built, only)

18" minimum operating radius and #5 turnouts with optional, long-shank couplers (not included)

Photo-etched stainless-steel Farr grilles; mechanically secured--floating

Cab interior

Prototype-specific detailing and painting

Die cast chassis with plastic detailing

Machined, dark finished RP-25 wheels

Premium can-motor, with 5-pole, helically configured armature

Available with or without factory installed DCC/Sound

DCC/Sound models include LokSound-ESU DCC/Sound decoder, with authentic Hancock air-whistle

DCC models are suitable for use on DC, with limited sound and lighting effects

DC models: DCC-ready

Kadee couplers

Illuminated twin sealed beam headlight

Illuminated number boards; directional backup light


Long shank couplers (consumer installed)

NOTE: Not all versions will be available concurrently. All road numbers will be available only in limited quantities.