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Penn Central FL-9 Locomotives

The Penn Central Years

When the New Haven folded at the end of 1968, it was merged by Government mandate into the Penn Central, which itself was facing financial ruin. Though service was drastically cut, the PC assumed the NH's operations in southern New England, as well as the equipment including the FL9 locomotives. On former, non-electrified NH routes, the FL9s were soon replaced by PC (ex-PRR) E8 locomotives. Ex-Pennsy GG-1 motors augmented the EP-5 Jets in the electrified zone, and the FL9s were re-assigned to commuter service from New Haven, CT, and Brewster, NY, into and out of Grand Central.

Upon acquisition by the Penn Central, the FL9 locomotives were renumbered into the 5000 series. Initially, the NH monograms - emblazoned on the often well worn new image paint - were merely blocked out and replaced with a variety of PC worm logos. Looking rather shabby, many continued to work for a long time in varying states of apparent neglect.

New Looks:

Several FL9 locomotives were eventually repainted in austere black, carrying white PC worm logos and Penn Central spelled out along their

flanks. Others were
repainted with MTA's blue and yellow livery; these carried a variety of graphics, including PC monograms.

Of course, the Penn Central was doomed from its inception, so it wasn't long before the locomotives, again, had new owners. In 1976 Conrail took over, and FL9s began to sport Conrail Blue with yellow noses. Along the way, the complicated, pneumatically operated third-rail pickup shoes gave way to fixed shoes mounted directly to the wooden span beams. A half-dozen were also acquired by Amtrak for service between NYC and Albany. It appeared at times that no 2-locomotives shared a common theme.

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Photo courtesy of: Gene Fusco
Penn Central FL-9 (DCC/Sound):
Coming in TBD Coming in TBD Coming in TBD
272-5000.10 272-5000.20 272-5000.30
Coming in TBD Coming in TBD
272-5000.40 272-5000.50  
Penn Central FL-9 (DC):      
Coming in TBD Coming in TBD Coming in TBD Coming in TBD Coming in TBD
272-5000.15 272-5000.25 272-5000.35 272-5000.45 272-5000.55