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Vehicle Warranty


Limited Warranty for Vehicle Models:

RPS vehicle models are visually inspected prior to shipment and are warranted only to be free of manufacturing defects at the time of shipment from Warwick, RI, USA. No other warranties, whether expressed or implied, are granted!

Models that are not factory sealed in their original packaging are not warranted. Vehicle models are shipped in an omni-view blister package; inspect the model before opening the package. If you do not intend to keep the model, do not open the package. Opened package models are not returnable for exchange, credit or refund under any circumstances!

Important Notices for Vehicle Models:

Our vehicle models are not toys. These models are fragile, scale-replicas and are not intended for play or use by children; they are intended only for display and handling by adults. The models are assembled from many small parts that can represent a choking hazard to children. In order to maintain this level of fidelity and detail, the models cannot be made using alternative materials and methods.

Because the models are assembled mostly by light press-fits (to help facilitate further detailing by the purchaser) parts may become detached due to shipping vibration. This is not a manufacturing defect, nor is it defined as shipping damage, and neither situation is covered by the warranty. Loose parts can be easily repositioned by the purchaser.

When opening the package, use extra care to avoid damaging the model or losing small parts that may have become detached during shipment and handling.